NVAR Registration Form (Required for Participation)


Last Name:First Name:Road Nickname:City where joining NVAR:Email:Street Address:City:State:Home Phone:Cell Phone:Would you like to be placed on our NVAR email information list?Zip:Apt. #:Check ONE:Motorcycle RiderMotorcycle Passenger4 WheelOther ParticipantYesNoClick here to print your completed formPrint This Form And Bring It With You To Our RidePlease Do Not email this form… Complete/Print and Bring it with you when you join our Ride!Emergency Contact Name:Relationship:Phone:Alternate Phone:

As a condition of my voluntary participation in the National Veterans Awareness Ride (NVAR) for myself and my heirs and assigns, I hereby release and discharge the National Veterans Awareness Organization, its volunteers and agents and any affiliated organizations and their respective officers, volunteers and agents from any and all claims, demands, damages or liabilities arising from injury to my person or property as the results of participating in the NVAR.  I currently hold a valid drivers license with proper endorsement, and I have comprehensive motor vehicle liability insurance covering the vehicle that I will be operating during the NVAR.

Rider/Participant Signature Date: Release of Liability National Veterans Awareness Ride Registration Form (2022) Emergency Medical Information and Bike Disposition Information is the responsibility of the individual and should be carried at all times on your person and on your bike.

NVAR Registration Coordinator:
Eddie Shinn (304) 532-8425

Please Do Not email this form… Complete/Print and Bring it with you when you join our Ride!